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LAPSOCIAL portaThe Social Psychology Lab (LAPSOCIAL) at University of Brasilia (UnB) is the scientific unity with the goal to conduct research in Social Psychology and to train new students in this field.

The LAPSOCIAL is filiated to the Social and Work Psychology Department at the Institute of Psychology (IP/UnB).
The administrative structure of LAPSOCIAL involves two research groups (GEPS and GEMAPS) and two associate professors: Ronaldo Pilati and Fabio Iglesias.

All the research team of LAPSOCIAL in the 2013/1 general meeting.

Grupo LAPSOCIAL 12_04_13

Workday in LAPSOCIAL.

Trabalho no LAPSOCIAL 12_04_13Trabalho no LAPSOCIAL II 12_04_13