1. Develop and implement research projects to produce technologies and theory in social psychology;
  2. Create opportunities for scientific research for graduate students in various areas of knowledge;
  3. Produce methodological solutions that are innovative for research in social psychology and human sciences;
  4. Promote opportunities for training in research methods and applied statistics;
  5. Help students to achieve their master and doctorate degrees, giving them the opportunity to be researchers and teachers in psychology and related fields;
  6. Disseminate knowledge in social psychology to the academic community by publishing articles in national and international scientific journals;
  7. Produce books and didactic materials in social psychology, statistics and research methods;
  8. Popularize the knowledge of social psychology in Brazil, making effective knowledge dissemination through publications and general activities (lectures, conferences, etc.) that may reach the general public;
  9. Conduct innovative research projects interfacing with other fields, in order to produce psychosocial knowledge that might help in academic training of different professionals;
  10. Provide consultancy services in their areas of expertise, aiming to transfer knowledge and technology in social psychology and its applications.