Professor Ronaldo Pilati - 27nov13 - Mariana Costa-34Associate Professor of Social Psychology at University of Brasilia (UnB).

I got my Doctorate in 2004 from the UnB Graduate Program in Psychology. In 2006 I was selected to be a full-time associate professor of Methods and Social Psychology in the Social and Work Psychology Department at UnB. Since then, I have been carrying on research activities in the Social Psychology Lab (LAPSOCIAL).

My research interests lie in the area of Social Cognition, mainly in automatic processes and its impacts on attitude and behavior. I am also focused on the adaptations and development of implicit and explicit measures in prosocial behavior, morality, jeitinho, dishonest behavior and corruption. I have put extra effort into developing measures as a path toward applying them to my experimental research. Currently my projects aims are to develop theoretical comprehension of automatic processes in morality, prosocial behavior, dishonet behavior and corruption, considering dispositional variables as moderators. Our experimental strategies include priming and the use of implicit measures, such as Implicit Association Test (IAT). I am also interested in developing projects to reproduce experimental effects in Social Cognition, adapting materials and running replications in our Lab. Recently I started a new research line in the cognitive processes of the development and maintenance of falsifiable and unfalsifiable beliefs, such as science, pseudoscience and religious beliefs.

I supervise undergrad (scientific initiation program), Master and Doctorate students of the undergrad and graduate programs in Social Psychology (PSTO). To understand how the research processes are managed, students names and interests, how to get involved in research with me and other information take a look at the research group website here. To see my current research projects click here.

Thanks for your visit and for your interest in my work in Social Psychology. If you want to contact me send an email to: rpilati@unb.br

Photo: Mariana Costa